Summer in February

I stumbled upon the work of Kevin Rodel recently.  I love his Cerridwen Bookcase which I’ve added below.   The Arts and Crafts style is complimented by the Mackintosh style pattern on the doors.  The use of contrasting materials is stunning.  Check out his other work at

The work of Kevin Rodel

Cerridwen Bookcase – The work of Kevin Rodel

Our busy spell continued this week in the workshop with orders for keepsake boxes, wine bottle stoppers, a smartphone stand and a magazine rack.  I was lucky with the weather all week (well, most of the time) which allowed me to set up my paint spray “booth” outside to paint the tops for the wine bottle stoppers.  The booth (a large cardboard box) did suffer from an unexpected heavy shower on one occasion though.  I was out running at the time and wasn’t able to rescue the box so we both got wet!  I survived but the box didn’t.

It’s true team work at Cairn Wood Design with me making the products and my wife doing the personalisation. It’s an arrangement that works well.  We had a break on Tuesday though and went to see the film premier of “Summer in February” starring, amongst others, Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame.  His character in this film was similar to his DA role so we didn’t really see another side of him.  We enjoyed the film and the “evening off”.

Eeva and I are being treated to Afternoon Tea at the Ritz next week so we are very much looking forward to that.  We seem to be gallivanting around lately which is most unusual and it’s harder when we are busy but we couldn’t miss such an opportunity.  We’ll just have to burn the midnight oil to keep up!