Not just woodwork …

Things are pretty busy in the workshop just now probably due to the forthcoming Father’s Day gift giving.  So last week I inconveniently took time out for other activities!  Well, they say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  So what did I get up to?  On Wednesday I went for my long run just before lunch.  Ok, so it was only 6 miles but for me this is quite an achievement.  A stay in hospital recently (albeit a short stay) has set me back months in my running build up. But I’m taking a philosophical view and I’m just pleased to be out running again.  Endurance will come in time.  The run took me an hour but with stretching, showering and eating lunch I was away from the workshop for a good couple of hours – at a time when I couldn’t really afford it.

OK so if that wasn’t bad enough on Thursday my wife and I took our two youngest granddaughters to Drusilla’s Park which is near to Alfriston in West Sussex.  Drusilla’s is a children’s zoo and play area and the last time we went there our youngest granddaughter was about 1 year old and was scared by the animals.  This time, a year on, and the little girl loved it.  I must admit that it’s a great place for adults too and we spent a good part of the day there.  It takes about 90 mins to drive there and the same back of course so my time in the shop was practically nil.

Thomas the Tank Engine at Drusilla's

Thomas the Tank Engine at Drusilla’s

I obviously enjoy spending time in the workshop and it’s great when the warmer weather comes so that I can have the door open (no windows in the workshop) as it can feel a bit claustrophobic when the door is closed.  So it’s good to get out and spend some time with the grand kids away from the bench.  I did have to spend time over the weekend though to  ensure that deadlines are met.

Next week I have no outings planned so progress should be on target.  Fingers crossed.