Using your loaf!

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!

I’ve come to realise that the woodworking skills we learn in the workshop can be transferred to other duties to great effect.  The trained eye for measurements, the steady hand and stance necessary for sawing closely to a line and the even breathing whilst performing these woodworking skills all come into use outside the workshop.  For example, in the kitchen.  My family love the taste of freshly baked, but uncut, loaves of bread and with a baker less than a mile away there are not many days of the week when we don’t have to cut a slice or two of bread for a sandwich.  But this is where the above mentioned woodworking skills shines through. Whereas my wife’s and daughter’s attempts at cutting bread generally leaves the end of a loaf looking like the white cliffs of Dover after a particularly bad case of erosion, my finely honed woodworking skills help me to produce even slices and an end which any loaf would be proud of!  Sad, maybe but it just wouldn’t be possible not to cut straight when the rest of my time is spent doing just that!

rectangular bread board

Lost in space
Regular visitors to our website will know that we produce a number of small wooden items for sale.  Whilst they may be small, a lot of effort is put into each item as every customer expects to receive a quality product.  So it’s very disappointing when an item I’ve spent many hours creating gets lost in the post to the customer.  This has happened a couple of times to us although we were lucky the first time around as the Post Office returned the undelivered item to us.  The second and more recent occurrence concerned a particularly unique piece of work.  The customer reported the item as not received a few days after the item had been dispatched.  We recommended waiting a few more days and checking with the Post Office but all to no avail.  And so I had to produce another item and send it by recorded delivery which would provide some form of guarantee of delivery.  Unfortunately, the cost of using this service each and every time would be prohibitive and generally I have no complaints with the Post Office who otherwise provide a great service.  I just hope these losses are few and far between.

Christmas is just around the corner
Yes, I’m sorry to raise the issue but in a business like ours we started thinking about Christmas, new product lines and the stock we might need, in September.  So in the “run-up” to the winter holiday season we are all stocked up and ready to go. We are in a better position than we were last year though as I still had my full-time office job and only had the evenings and weekends to complete orders.  Now, of course, all my time is concentrated on woodworking and I love every minute of it!  Roll on Christmas!

christmas bowl