Tea breaks will never be the same

New ideas for products are often staring us in the face.  How many times do we “make do” or repeat the same way of doing things over and over although there is probably a little voice somewhere at the back of our minds saying “Why am I doing this again”? or “I wish someone would invent an easier way to do this”.  It happens all the time I bet.  It was like this for me whenever we had friends or family around for coffee and I volunteered to serve the drinks.  Any more than two mugs of coffee meant more than one trip from the kitchen to the lounge and back again and then there may be another trip for the biscuits.  And it would be just my luck that whilst having my hands full one or more doors would have closed and it would mean putting down a mug to open the door thus increasing the chances of spilling the drinks.  Using a tray was a possibility but again it uses up both hands and on those odd occasions that you are bringing your loved one a cuppa in bed then it’s a bit of a balancing act climbing up the stairs with a tray of drinks.  If only someone would invent more hands to make life easier!


Drinks Carrier

Drinks Carrier by Cairn Wood Design ©

It was this very dilemma that gave me the idea to design a drinks carrier.  This simple device allows one person to carry up to 4 drinks at one time and with one hand.  This means that you can carry the biscuits in the other hand, or open doors and even (the safety guys will like this) hold the handrail while climbing the stairs. Or you could even carry another 4 drinks in the other hand!  Unlike a tray, the carrier helps prevent spillage as one’s body movements are not transferred to the carrier in the same way.  It’s been a great success in our household so much so that there are plenty of volunteers to carry the drinks so I don’t often get the chance to use it!  I’m not complaining.  Now, whatever happened to those biscuits?